Feature Story – Doing more with less (Wellcast)

12Sep '17

Feature Story – Doing more with less (Wellcast)

At Prism Group, we work with some of the most innovative energy tech firms in the industry to help them strengthen their brands, generate awareness and build their sales pipelines.  Active drillers and operators can’t afford to overlook Wellcast!

In the article Doing more with less, published in the September 2017 issue of Oil & Gas Financial Journal, we interview Wellcast co-founders Adam Krier and Katy Davis, discuss trends driving the adoption of technology-based solutions in the oil and gas industry and learn about their particular solution for comprehensive well planning and rig scheduling. In the article, you will learn how Wellcast can help you Meet Less, Drill More.

Read the story Doing more with less here.

View the entire Oil & Gas Financial Journal September 2017 issue here.


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