Direct to Investor(TM)

An innovative strategy for targeting new investors using technology, proven techniques and Prism Group expertise.

Make change your ally, and join the evolution today!

The market has changed, so why continue doing investor relations the same old way?

Wall Street’s “corporate access” model is broken for many small and micro-cap oil and gas companies that have been abandoned by the institutional investment community. If you’re not a super-major, a Permian power-player or don’t need to raise capital (and pay fees to Wall Street), then chances are, on some level, you have been sidelined by the institutions. As a result, there may be a substantial disconnect between a company’s intrinsic value per share and/or its growth plan and its prevailing share price.

Management has a choice – wait for the next upcycle, or evolve and reach out to new markets.

The Direct to Investor(TM) solution from Prism Group is an innovative communications strategy designed to help companies who have been abandoned by Wall Street reach a new audience.

  • Not getting recognition for your value creation story?
  • Tired of seeing the same disinterested investors time and again?
  • Noticing lack of interest for your story among institutional investors?
  • Want to take more control of your investor communications and brand?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, in many cases the solution is Direct to Investor(TM).

Our industry experts help you define your value proposition to the investment community, develop compelling content to educate and inform investors and then use innovative technology to target individual investors. The result is increased awareness and interest in your story among individual investors with potential interest in your long-term strategy.

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At Prism Group, “IR” means intelligent relations.