Case Study: Reliable Power from Tank Vapors

02Feb '18

Case Study: Reliable Power from Tank Vapors

Many operators are finding that to comply with increasingly stringent atmospheric emissions standards, they have to curtail oil production to reduce creation of casinghead gas and tank vapors.

Operators are being pushed to reduce operating costs and minimize atmospheric emissions with increasingly strict rules on flaring and venting. A significant problem for producers are “tank vapors,” a very high Btu gas mixture separated from the fluids at production pads and processing facilities. These tank vapor gases are too volatile to run in reciprocating engines, and can often result in shutdowns and engine damage from pre-detonation. In addition, regulatory authorities are clamping-down on the venting and flaring of natural gases at the wellsite.

Instead of wasting high-value gas or risking fines, Flex Leasing Power and Service (FLPS)  provides operators with a way to transform rich tank vapors into reliable field power.

Download the free case study now to see if the FLPS solution is for your company.


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